I’ve looked at my patterns lately and thought I would dissect them for you.  I have certain patterns I use for character traits.  These are patterns used often to show ideas like strength. stability, and movement.

half circlesThese half circles I’ve used to show movement.  When I see this I think f the bend of grass in the wind, the blowing sky, or the fluttering of wings.  The idea here is progression or flow.  I’ve demonstrated two different ideas.  The top of the page is common problems I have run into.

When working with zentangle lines are so important.  Completing the lines all the way through and not leaving gaps is one issue to look for.  Because zentangle has repetitions it creates habits of art.  Make sure to develop good habits. These habits include complete lines, even spacing and sizes.  I don’t use measurements.  I can usually feel the spacing between lines with the distance I move my pen.

wpid-img_20151025_211730.jpgHere is an example of the pattern in the wing of the praying mantis.  Wings produce movement and capture the wind.  This is why I chose to use this pattern.  As I have shown on the bottom of my sample page, I have chosen to use the pattern within the pattern.  I see this as increasing the movement.  Giving it speed.

The next pattern looks something like a brick wall.20151114_122751  A brick wall is strong.  wpid-20151105_124905.jpgThis is the idea portrayed in images such as the chest of the bull and the elephant.  These are animals known for their strength.  These begin as simple horizontal lines.  After I have drawn the lines I go back and add small parallel lines, two at a time.  There are other variations of this with the parenthesis.  DSC04059WHowever, I feel the parallel lines prove more of the strength idea.  Again the lines are important.  Using even spacing as well as complete lines will make your pattern look neat.

The last idea is structure.  When I have open space that I need a wide filler in I use this design.  20151114_122739The slightly curved lines with the wider top and bottom that flow to the end to me look like braces.  This is something you could see in architectureiron bridge such as a bridge.  The curved lines support the arch of the bridge with the wider ends adding stability.  I’ve used this for a frame as well as in the trunk of the elephant.

Enjoy your zen.  Find the vibes that flow best for you.  Happy arting!

Big Cat

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