Don’t worry.  You haven’t missed anything.  I literally have been blocked this whole time.  So I have stopped to reevaluate exactly what has happened.  I am an artist.  I have always been.  However, the art has changed my entire life.  I think it is changing again.  Music was my first art.  Later I was introduced to pen and ink, then back to music, then to painting, etc.  I am definitely a right brainer.  My creativity flows into different mediums every day.  So I have reevaluated this flux as a new chapter in my life.

right brain

I have always been interested in health sciences.  My youngest aspiration was to be a doctor.  My insecurities however made me a pharmacy tech.  Later i developed a fascination with childbirth and became a doula.  We moved to the states and where I live no one knew what a doula was ie there was no work.  I knew I used a lot of massage to help my moms and enjoyed it.  I loved anatomy so I became a massage therapist.  I worked in pediatric rehab and loved it.  I wanted to stay in that field so I tried Occupation Therapy.  Again, a masters degree seemed to big for me so I stopped.  As you can see this pattern of insecurity has continued to stop me my whole life. But NO MORE!! I enrolled in nursing school and decided to close my eyes and jump.  That is exactly what it feels like.

I am full time Monday-Thursday 7:30-4:30.  Then there is work from 5-9pm and work Friday and Saturday.  My art always gave me the sense of grabbing the bull by the horns and sucking the marrow out of life.   I was fully immersed in my cerebral ideals and the vulnerability of sharing with an audience was thrilling.  Im getting that high now by standing against the wind.  I am defying the limits I have set for myself.  I am doing what I thought was impossible.  I still have dreams of becoming a midwife or even just working on the labor and delivery floor.  This is just step one.  This is the biggest step.

I miss my art.  I have all my studying done for my exam Monday.  Being snowed in really helps my study habits.  I think I will have a little me time after work today.  So maybe something will evolve.  Who knows…

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