I had a few epiphanies while I was gone
I had more time to think and I do my best thinking when I’m painting. Seeing people’s reaction to my art definitely boosted my confidence in what I do. I knew my family liked it and I liked it but to hear random people appreciate what I had done was reassuring. I realized I have a gift.

We all have gifts. My son has the gift of giving. He finds ways to make money around the house or at school (selling candy or things he’s made out of construction paper). Once he’s made his money of course it burns a hole in his pocket but what he uses that money for is interesting. He buys his sister, his step brothers and his friends things. He buys anything from ice cream from the ice cream truck to toys. He is a giver.

When I realized I had a gift I wondered, where did this come from. My grandmother is an artist so I called her and thanked her. Then I realized, God gave my grandmother those gifts who gave them to me. God created the universe. That is some unbelievable and incomparable creative ability. The only place that any art could come from is from the Creator of art. The God that created the universe put some of that in me. How crazy is that!


The next step of my thought process is that I need to realize my talent. If I think I am not good enough, or doubt my ablitlities I  am doubting what God has given me. I am not realizing that I am a daughter of a King. If I don’t develop that skills that God has shared with me I have no faith, no trust in the One that gave them to me.

What if Aristotle didn’t trust his theories?
What of Mozart never learned the piano?
What if Einstein doubted himself or if Edison gave up?

God advances humanity through the gifts he gives people.


Ive met a few developing artist that have asked me questions and showed me their work and I always told them to keep trying. Never give up on what you love. God put that in you for a reason. Study and develop what God has given you to achieve new levels of furthering His kingdom.


My husband has a quote by Brian Houston on our bathroom mirror from the book Live Love Lead.

“When following Jesus be careful what you dream. You can rest assure that God will exceed the limits of your imagination if you’re commited to advancing His kingdom.”

These images are things I feel I failed at. Things I could have done better.


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