Hello. Isn’t art amazing. It tells many stories to every new eye that beholds it. It invokes feelings of happiness, joy, sorrow and hope.

10686814_10152985787604583_2525234447078899309_nEvery artist has a different muse. Mine is my family and my life experience as I see it. Every moment is an experience. Every day is a new direction. Every path leads to a new road. This is how my art has evolved. Slowly over time I began listening to my little voices and feeling my emotions through abstract ways.

Art has always been a passion of mine. First it was music. I played instruments from the piano to the trumpet and the violin. Then as I grew older I became more confident in my music and began studying the rhythm.  As my heart behaved so did the rhythm. HeartThe rhythm of my heart became poetry and eventually in high school I was published by a small company. Then my rhythm turned darker and my world grew black and white. I felt the darkness of a pen and the image I drew was the deeper rhythm. I immersed myself in all things with the sharp contrast of black and white. I continued with the black lines and the smooth charcoal to show my world once again.

I grew older and life began to turn into numbers and days of the week. I fell away from my art. When the dark times came again pen and ink and their confidant divergence came to my rescue. I started small and as it grew bigger so did my world. I opened up to new ventures. Sharing my art in galleries and with friends and family. Seeing others fall in love with my pen encouraged me. 11666159_10101831503200283_6972182634614234641_nMy emotions are the ink well from which I dip my pen.  The appreciation of my loved ones healed the deep scars I carried.

I hope my art blesses you as it has me. Art is truly my passion. I love the community and the culture. I love hearing how other artist work. Life is art.

Everyday we frame our world and hang it somewhere deep in our hearts. Now let’s squeeze them all together and fill our ink wells.

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