My Gypsy Life One Second at a Time

Life isn’t easy

This is hard. I mean really really hard. I don't know what I did with my time before nursing school. Oh yeah I did my art! I was looking at my mandala painted garage wall yesterday and two people in my family said that it wasn't finished. They wanted the whole wall...

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Life Challenge Accepted

Don't worry.  You haven't missed anything.  I literally have been blocked this whole time.  So I have stopped to reevaluate exactly what has happened.  I am an artist.  I have always been.  However, the art has changed my entire life.  I think it is changing again....

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Privacy option: BLOCKED

I'm totally stuck in a slump. I'm worried about everything and spinning my wheels getting nowhere. Everything Ive drawn has become dark. I stopped drawing it even though I had these images in my head. Finally I decided to get them out of my head and on paper hoping to...

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